Monday (A) 1/14 & Tuesday (B) 1/15

Gilded Age Day 3

Debrief selected items from the “Rise of Big Businessman:  Robber Baron or Hero of Industry? and create a profile of Gilded Age entrepreneurs.

Begin our survey of Gilded Age politics using the Lost World of Gilded Age Politics essay for discussion.


Read CH 19, pp. 531-549 only, and complete the summarization practice assignement that goes with the reading.  Students will be quizzed (SAQ) over this material NEXT CLASS.

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Thursday (A) 1/10 & Friday (B) 1/11

Day 2 of our survey of the Gilded Age.

CH 17 Reading Quiz + TBL

Wrap-up lecture/discussion over Rise of Big Business

Time permitting, begin debrief on The Rise of the Big Businessman:  Robber Barron or Hero of Industry? assignment and create a profile of the great entrepreneurs of the Gilded Age.


Read the Lost World of Gilded Age Politics (pp. 34-43) and complete the reading focus questions. These questions will be used to discuss this component of the Gilded Age.

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Tuesday (A) 1/8 & Wednesday (B) 1/9


After a brief introduction, students in TBL groups will be working together to generate a list of the great entrepreneurs in American history.  They will then rank the entrepreneurs according to which was most influential.  We will then compare their findings to a list created in 2013 by Baylor University.  Questions to consider:

  • Collectively speaking, who has had more impact on the course of American history, presidents or entrepreneurs?

  • Why don’t we as Americans venerate the great entrepreneurs in US History?

Afterward, begin the Lecture/Discussion – “The Rise of Big Business”

Lecture to focus on:

·         The Factors of Production & US Advantages

·         Briefly discuss the term “Gilded Age”, its

          origins & implications

·         The role of rail roads and corporations

·         The criticism & triumph of the Gilded Age

·         The emergence of modern America

Rise of Big Business Lecture


The CH 17 Reading Quiz + TBL is NEXT CLASS.  Bring your book!

Items 1-21 in the Rise of Big Business document assignment are due next class.

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January Due Dates to Keep in Mind

In the event that you become board over the Winter Break, consider getting a head start on the following Unit 4 assessments:

The Chapter 17 Reading Quiz + TBL [Thursday (A) 1/10 & Friday (B) 1/11.] (The calendar for marking period 4 has been updated on Harper’s website.)

Unit 4 Key Terms


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Friday (A) 12/7 & Monday (B) 12/8

Turner Thesis Assignment – Students will use this assignment as a vehicle for discussion about Turner’s contributions to American historiography and his theory that the frontier played a central role in the development of the U.S. until the turn of the 20th century.

Video:  Washington & Du Bois with Professor Henry Louis Gates

After the video, students will debrief their analysis of excerpts from Washington’s “Atlanta Compromise Speech” and the critique of the speech by Du Bois.

Time permitting, Mr. Harper will lead a short writers’ workshop over the CCOT essay.


Study for the Unit 3 Exam, which is Tuesday (A) and Wednesday (B).  Be sure to not only review Harper’s lecture notes in the Green Book, but to also use the Unit 3 Study Guide on p. 77 to prepare for the exam.

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Wednesday (A) 12/5 & Thursday (B) 12/6

CH 16 Reading Quiz + TBL

Students will be using class time to read “The Frontier Thesis” on pp. 74-75 in the Green Book.  Afterward, they will be answering a series of focus questions that will serve as a vehicle for an in-class discussion.


Students are to read the excerpt from Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta Compromise Speech on pp. 68-69.  Afterward they are to read W.E.B. Du Bois’ critique of Booker T. Washington on pp. 70-72.  Reading focus questions have been assigned to facilitate a class discussion.

Students should also start preparing for the Unit 3 Exam, which is Tuesday (A) 12/11 & Wednesday (B) 12/12.  Students are strongly encouraged to use the Unit 3 Study Guide on p. 77 to maximize their readiness for this major assessment.

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Monday (A) 12/3 & Tuesday (B) 12/4

Students will be wrapping up their survey of the Reconstruction & The New South.

Short lecture/discussion over The New South.

Afterward, students will be will be applying their knowledge by Analyzing Political Cartoons from the Reconstruction Period.

Reconstruction Political Cartoons

Cartoon analysis guide is on p. 67 in the Green Book.


The CH 16 Reading Quiz + TBL is NEXT CLASS.  Bring your text book to class.

The Unit 3 Exam is NEXT WEEK.  Use the study guide on p. 77 in your Green Book to prepare for this assessment.

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